Randal IV

very old, intelligent, sneaky, eccentric


Randal is known as wise, correct and inexorable. He dedicated his life to the science of death. He will be harmless as long as you dont stand between him and his researches. He is the ruler of the Iron Maiden Mountains. A king of the undead.


Randal was born from the bloodline of Necromancers, no mother, no father. Just the informations of life given from his masters blood. The Necromancers of the north has a long and ancient bloodline and so they claim to be the masters of the north. Randal is the fourth of the bloodline and was created in a time where the people of the north started to rebel against the ruler of the Iron Maidens. In the great battle of Leech his master was slain by a stranger on the battlefield. At least the rebels lost the battle but Randal lost his master and with him many of important knowledge. Legends tell that the leader of the rebellion still serves Randal after his death.
Randal was the youngest master of the Iron Maidens in the history. He neglected his duty as ruler and concentrated his time to the researches of the great library of castle Dragonshorn. After years of loneliness he decided to create his own disciple and Randal the V was born. He trained his follower in the dark knowledge of necromancy.
After 150 years Randal IV decided to become the leader of the Iron Maidens again so he sent his young studend on a journy to bring him powerful corpses and items to support his plans. Then he started to create an army death….

Randal IV

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